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In the game Return to Zork you undertake the role of a contest winner who wins a trip to Flatheadia 700 years after the first five games took place. You must use your wits to find out why half the town of Shanbar has disappeared into the Earth.

The opening sequence from this game was one of the most anticipated things in gaming, as it brought back the White House from the first game and made it into a 3D Reality. 

In this game you meet one of the most interesting characters in any of the games. Old Booze Miller. He says one of the most caught on phrases in the games, "Want some Rye? 'Course ya do!" This phrase comes back up in Zork Grand Inquisitor. 

Despite it's laughably primitive 3D engine, and the semi-innovative menu system that came built into this game, it IS a very nice game and is a must buy for any Zork lover.  It featured live actors shown in cut scenes to advance the storylines, and some of them are pretty funny.  Some of my favorites are, of course, Old Booze Miller, and the Dwarven Miners who are more like a Circus side-show act than real people.

Well it's about time I give you the pieces of advice I am so accustomed to giving on these in-depth look pages.

Points of Advice from Saint Ruckus

  1. Take as many pictures as you can possible fit into that photo album.  The more photos you carry, the more facial expressions you will have during some of the key conversations in the game.  Sometimes you will get to a point where you seem to be stuck, and it turns out that all you were missing was a picture to have the person look at.

  2. Save before conversations when possible, sometimes you only get one chance to acquire a piece of information for a side quest or some fun little add-on to the game.

  3. When speaking to people, always play out ALL of the facial expressions.

  4. The tape recorder you keep on you at all times is one of the most overlooked assets in this game.  Don't forget to use your tape recordings during conversations, and show EVERYTHING you're holding to EVERYBODY.


Now, for those of you who want to make sure you're getting the most out of your Return to Zork, I have compiled a walkthrough of the game, with highlights of all the side quests and Some little extras of my own doing.

Return to Zork, the Walkthrough

Screenshots from the game

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to making any screenshots of this game as of yet, but keep checking back, and I'll update soon.


I know, I know, sometimes you get a little turned around in this game, thank god they fixed the navigation in the next game.  I am currently working on translating some Germen Maps I found on-line, so they should be ready for upload any day now.  Awe hell, here's the German map for you to look at while I work on translation.....