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"Every adventure must have a first step" ,Saint Ruckus

Once, even I sought knowledge about the Great Underground Empire, These are a few of the many fine Zork pages I've turned to for research when developing my own domain. Sadly, most of the old websites have gone away, possibly taken out by the thief. Hopefully I'll find some new things to link to here in the near future.

Most of my Quendorian time-line information was acquired from:

Robin Lionheart's

Chronology of Quendor

She has one of the most excellent pages on the Internet about the Zork Universe, and I would be lying if I didn't say I was in awe at the complexity of her Quendorian Knowledge.

If you ever need to know what a term means, just check the webified

Encyclopedia Frobozzica

The Zork Library

Who says you can have too many Quendorian timelines?

Zork - Interactive Fiction

There were children's books created in the choose-your-own-adventure style.  Here is one of them, in web format.