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I have placed a link to another fine Zork Nemesis Site I've found on my Zork Links Page.  Please go there and support us struggling Zork fans.

This game really doesn't stick with the storyline of the G.U.E. (Great Underground Empire) and doesn't actually have much about magic, spells or wizards or Dungeon Masters.  It DOES however, have Alchemy (which is always fun) and it has good vs. evil as always. 

I really enjoyed this game even though it didn't really have the humorous edge that I'd become use to in the Zork games.  Actually there was no humor at all in this one, it was more of a Bram Stoker's Zork.  Well, I thought so anyway.

The 3D navigation problem of Return to Zork was taken care of with this installment (Thankfully).  This game was the first to introduce the new 'ZSystem' technology that Activision was so proud of.  Basically al you had to do was move the mouse to the left or right of the screen and you turn that direction.  It did WONDERS for the depth of the game.  There were several times when I was actually a bit nervous to play the game in the dark.


There is a movie preview available for FTP download in three parts:


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3

Back Story

It is late in the year 949 GUE, one year after the Great Adventurer made his discoveries in the Eastlands of the GUE and was named Second Dungeon Master by the first.  You, a  pilgrim, find yourself outside of the Temple of Agrippa in the now-called Forbidden lands (The Desert River, and Grey Mountains of the Westlands).  With nothing but the clothes on your back, you decide to try and enter.  Besides, there's a lovely ghost woman's voice and freaky violin music beckoning you.  You must complete the search begun by L Karlok Bivotar during the time of the 17th of Dismembur through the 29th of Mage, 948 GUE.  You must discover the true identity of 'The Nemesis', an entity who has plagued this Temple for four years now, ever since the Great Eclipse of 945 and see what he is searching for. 

Official Tips

bulletHerein lie the solutions to finding the four various elements in the Temple of Agrippa.
bulletFire: The fire element is located at the end of a secret passage that begins in the Temple library.
bulletWater: The water element is concealed at the end of the passage that adjoins the altar room. There is a flight of stairs to your left as you circle the altar.
bulletAir: The air element is hidden in the tower adjoining the main altar room. Look for the entrance in the right corner of the room behind the Dome of the Celestial Spheres
bulletEarth: The earth element is hidden in a secret cavern below the Temple. The entrance to the underground is in the gallery adjoining the altar room. Look in the upper left corner behind the altar.

Tips from the Saint of Ruckus


Always move your mouse EVERYWHERE on the screen.  There are almost always little tiny spots on the screen that you might miss.  Missing a cut-scene could be a crucial mistake in following what took place there in the past.


Have some form of musical keyboard or synthesizer around when playing this game.  There a a LOT of puzzles based on music notes and tones that I don't think I could have done if I didn't have my MIDI keyboard next to me.


Do NOT slam your computer around the room when you get frustrated at the shtinkin' mini-games in this adventure.  There are many, many annoying little games you have to master to finish this game.  It reminds me a lot of the Seventh Guest series.


Collect every item you find, there is no item in the game (that I've found) that does not have a purpose to finish the game.


Ahh, here's the section you've been waiting for.

Just go 


System Requirements


486/Dx2 66MHz


MS-DOS or Windows 95






35 MB hard drive space


VESA local bus or PCI video card with 1 MB RAM, 16-bit high-color SVGA (640 x 480) - thousands of colors


Sound Blaster 16-compatible sound cards (for digital and general MIDI audio). Note: 8-bit sound cards are not supported.


I'm looking into this as I type this.  I'm that good.


A plethora would you say?