Oh, there you are!!  I was wondering when I would see you again.

This game is a little more complicated than the first one, as it involves "Magick" Yup, that's how they spell it in the GUE. (That's Great Underground Empire, the name Dimwit Flathead gave to the region)

From time to time, an old man will walk into the room, this is the Wizard of Frobozz, and he's there to mess with you.  He usually casts one of his spells on you. (Those of which I'll list in a few lines)

Now, there are 12 spells that the Wizard can cast on you, and Seven others that have special purposes. 

The Spells

SPOILER!!! You also have use of these spells when you attain the Wizard's Wand late in the game.

The 12 basic spells include:


FALL - make you think you are falling for a short period of time.


FLOAT - Makes you float in the air. (This is the only spell I use in the walkthrough)


FREEZE - Freezes you in place for a couple turns.


FENCE - ????


FIERCE - makes you Hopping Mad.


FERMENT - ??????


FEAR - You get scared of the Wizard and run from the room.


FEEBLE - you can't carry as much for awhile.


FUMBLE - You drop a random item.


FILCH - Steals something of yours and places it in the Wizard's Study.


FANTASIZE - Makes you see random things that aren't really there.


FIREPROOF - Makes you fireproof

The seven special purpose spells are:


FRY  - ???????


FUDGE - ???????


FLOURESCE - ???????


FREE - ???????


FROBIZZ - ????????


FROBOZZLE - ????????


FROBNOID - ???????

The Points

Here, I'll explain When and Where the points are distributed during Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz.



Where it's Found

Pearl Necklace 15 in the Pearl Room
Gold Key 15 hanging on the Unicorn
Dragon Statuette 20 in the chest
Red Sphere 20 In the Dingy Closet
Fancy Violin 20 in the Iron Box
Portrait 20 In the Bank Chairman's Office
Moby Ruby 15 in the Lava Room
Zorkmid Bills 25 in the Bank Vault
Blue Sphere 20 in the Dreary Room
Package of Candy 15 Under the Pool of Tears
Black Sphere 30 You Create it in the Pentagram Room
Dimwit's Gaudy Crown 20 in the rusty box
Clear Sphere 20 in the Aquarium
Flathead Stamp 10 in the purple book
Gigantic Dog Collar 15 in the Kennel
Gold Zorkmid Coin 20 on the narrow Volcano Ledge
Wizard's Wand 30 the Wizard Has it

Other Points


Solving the Riddle [5]


getting to the top of the well [10]


killing the dragon [5]


entering the Wizard's workshop [10]


solving the oddly-angled room maze [5]


entering Cerberus' Room [10]


entering the crypt anteroom [3]


entering the crypt [2]


giving treasures to the demon [2 each, max 20]


Well now, let's begin shall we?

Stone Barrow

This is the Stone Barrow just outside the White House.
  1. Take the Sword and the Lamp.

  2. Go South, South, South, South-West to reach the Shallow Ford.

Shallow Ford

  1. Turn your Lamp on.

  2. Go South, South-East to reach the North end of the Garden.

North End of Garden

  1. Enter the Gazebo, take everything from the table, and exit the gazebo.

  2. Go North, North-East to the Shallow Ford.

Shallow Ford

  1. Fill the Teapot with Water

  2. Go South, South-West, South-West to reach the Carousel Room.

Carousel Room

Here it is, the Carousel Room.  This is the most annoying room in all of Zorkdom, because you can't control which direction you leave the room from, due to the fact that the room makes you feel like you've been spinning for hours. Add the fact that there are eight different exit, and you've got a real fun time.  Also, this is the Living Room of this game, you always return here, so you can just leave everything you're not going to need here in the Carousel Room.  Don't worry, you took care of the thief already.

These are the directions from the various other rooms, and their different direction from the Carousel Room: 


Marble Hall - North


Path Near Stream - North-East


Topiary - East


Riddle Room - South-East


Menhir Room - South


Cobwebby Corridor - South-West


Cool Room - North-West


Room 8 - West (Not accessible until later)

  1. Drop everything but the Teapot and Lamp

  2. Keep trying until you go to the Riddle Room to the South-East

Riddle Room

  1. Once in the Riddle room, all you have to do is answer the riddle.

  2. The answer to the riddle is to Say, "A Well". A pathway will open to the East.

  3. Go to the East, Through the Pearl Room, and continue East into the The Circular Room

Circular Room

  1. Enter the bucket.

  2. Pour the water into the bucket to make it rise to the top of the 'Well"

  3. Exit the bucket and go East into the Tea Room.

Tea Room

  1. Take all the cakes but the Orange one.

  2. Eat the green cake to shrink down.

  3. Go East into the Pool Room.

Pool Room

  1. Throw the Red Cake into the pool of tears to soak it up.

  2. Take the package of candies.

  3. Return West to the Posts Room.

Posts Room

If you're worried about retrieving the flask, don't, it has no use in the game.
  1. Eat the Blue Cake, to return to normal size.

  2. Head North-West into the Low Room.

Low Room

The robot in this room is another 'actor' in this game.  It can change the environment as much as you can.
  1. Tell the Robot to "Go East".

  2. Walk East into the Machine Room.

Machine Room (With Robot)

These are the controls for the Carousel Room.
  1. Tell the robot to "Push Triangular" to shut off the Carousel Room. (and make something fall in the distance)

  2. Tell the robot to "Go South".

  3. Go South to the Dingy Closet.

Dingy Closet

The Red Sphere in this room is one of the spheres that you walk through when you die.
  1. Try to take the Red Sphere. (A cage comes down over you.)

  2. Tell the robot (even though you can't see him) to "Lift Cage".

  3. Take the Red Sphere.

  4. Go North and then West to get back into the Low Room.

Low Room

You may have noticed something about the Low Room now.  The spinning function of the Carousel room has been transferred to the Low Room.  All you have to do is use the same tactics you used earlier to get where you want to go.
  1. Keep trying until you exit South-East into the Tea Room.

Tea Room

  1. Go West and enter the bucket, take the water, and descend back to the Circular Room.

Circular Room

  1. Get out of the bucket.

  2. Drop the Teapot, and go West into the Pearl Room.

Pearl Room

  1. Now you can take the Necklace.

  2. Go West, then North-West into the Now Defunct Carousel Room.

Carousel Room

  1. Open the Box. (It's what fell before)

  2. Don't take the Violin just yet.

  3. Drop the Red Sphere, Necklace, and the Candies.

  4. Take the Sword, Placemat, and Letter Opener.

  5. Go North into the Marble Hall

Marble Hall

  1. Take the Brick and Go North until you come to the Ledge in Ravine.

Ledge in Ravine

  1. Go Up to the Tiny Room.

Tiny Room

  1. Slide the mat under the door.

  2. Move the lid, and insert the letter opener into the keyhole, knocking the key down onto the placemat.

  3. Pull the mat, and take the key.

  4. Unlock and open the door.

  5. Go North into the Dreary Room.

Dreary Room

The Blue Sphere in this room is also one of the colored rooms you walk through when you die.
  1. Drop the Key and Letter Opener.

  2. Take the Blue Sphere.

  3. Go South and Down to the Ledge and then West and North to the Dragon Room.

Dragon Room

This is NOT a nice dragon.  Be VERY careful around him.  Don't do anything stupid like hit him with your sword or anything.
  1. Hit the Dragon with your Sword.  (hehehe)

  2. Go South to the Stone Room Quickly!!

Stone Room

The Dragon should have followed you into this room, so don't dawdle.
  1. Hit the Dragon with your Sword again. (hehehe)

  2. Go South into the Cool Room Quickly!

Cool Room

If you were persistent enough, the Dragon should still be with you.
  1. Smack this stupid lizard with your sword one more time. (hehehe)

  2. Go West into the Ice Room Quickly!

Ice Room

Okay, now you'll see the point to all this Dragon Slapping Giddiness.  The Dragon sees his reflection and drowns himself in stupidity.  
  1. After the Dragon's body is washed away, Drop your Sword and Go East and South-East into the Carousel Room, then Go South-West into the Cobwebby Corridor.

Cobwebby Corridor

  1. Take the String, then go North-East into the Carousel Room.

Carousel Room

  1. Take the newspaper and the matches.

  2. Go North-West, West, and then West once again to get to the Lava Room.

Lava Room

  1. Forget the Ruby for now and continue South-West into the Volcano Bottom.

Volcano Bottom

My, My, I wonder what that thing could be.  Yep, it's a Hot-Air Balloon.  All you have to do is inflate the bag.
  1. Get into the Basket.

  2. Open the receptacle and put the newspaper inside.

  3. Light a Match and then light the newspaper with the match.

  4. Do NOT close the receptacle.

  5. Wait until the Balloon rises to the Narrow Ledge, and then "Land".

Narrow Ledge (With Balloon)

  1. Tie the Wire  to the Hook and exit the basket.

  2. On the ledge is a Gold Coin.

  3. This is probably a Zorkmid Coin. (See to your Right --->)

  4. Take the Zorkmid.

  5. Go South into the Library.


You can read these books if you like, but they have nothing to advance the story in them.
  1. Take the Purple Book, Open it and take the Stamp.

  2. Drop the book, and go back North to the ledge.

Narrow Ledge (with Balloon)

  1. Get back into the basket and untie the rope.

  2. Wait until the Balloon reached the Wide Ledge and then "Land"

Wide Ledge (with Balloon)

  1. Tie the Wire to the Hook, and exit the basket.

  2. Go South into the Dusty Room.

Dusty Room

This room is filled with a fine Dust.  Now you should never light any kind of flame inside a room full of dust, but let's do it anyway.
  1. Put the string in the brick. (Sound impossible?  Not when the brick is a brick of PLASTIC EXPLOSIVE)

  2. Put the brick into the hole in the box embedded in the wall.

  3. Light a Match and then light the String (fuse) with the match.

  4. Run to the North IMMEDIATELY!

  5. After the explosion, Run into the room and take Dimwit's Gaudy Crown.

  6. Run back to the ledge and hop into the basket.

  7. Until the rope, and close the receptacle.

  8. Wait until the balloon lands on the Volcano Bottom.

Volcano Bottom

  1. Go North and Take the Ruby, then go East, East, and the South-East to the Carousel Room.

Carousel Room

  1. Drop everything but the Lamp.

  2. Go North-West, North, North, West, and West once more to reach the Bank Entrance.

Bank Entrance

This part gets tricky, but follow my directions closely, and you should be alright.
  1. Go North-East and then East to enter the Safety Depository, and then South into the Director's Office.

Bank Director's Office

  1. Take the Portrait of J. Pierpont Flathead and head back North into the Depository.

  2. For a picture of the Portrait, take a look to your Right.

  3. This is what happens when you let a crazy Zork Fan have a Scanner.

Bank Safety Depository

  1. "Enter Light"

  2. "Enter South Wall"

  3. "Enter Light" to reach the Vault.

Bank Vault

  1. Take the Stack of Bills.

  2. "Enter North Wall" to go back to the Safety Depository.

Bank Safety Depository

  1. Drop the Bills and the Portrait.

  2. Go East into the East Teller's Room, and East again to get into the (guess what) Depository.

  3. Take the Bills and Portrait.

  4. "Enter Light" to go to the East Viewing Room.

East Viewing Room

  1. Go South to the Bank Entrance.

Bank Entrance

Well, that wasn't so hard was it?  You've just beaten the GUE's best security system and not even made a peep.
  1. Go East until you reach the Dragon Room, and then go North into the Dragon's Lair.

Dragon's Lair

  1. Say, "Hello Princess"

  2. Wait until she leaves.

  3. Follow her until you are both in the Gazebo.


  1. Wait until the Unicorn appears.

  2. The Princess will give you the key from around the Unicorn's neck and a Rose, then she'll leave.

  3. Drop the Rose, and then exit the Gazebo.

North End of Garden

  1. Go South, West, and South-West to get back to the Carousel Room.

Carousel Room

  1. Drop everything but the Lamp and Key (From the Unicorn).

  2. Go North-West, North, North, and North again to return to the Dragons' Lair.

Dragon's Lair

  1. Open the chest and take the Statuette.

  2. Return to the Carousel Room.

Carousel Room

  1. Go South, through the Menhir Room, and to the the Stairway.


  1. Save your game, this is a nasty (and might I add RANDOM) maze coming up so I'm not sure how I can help you.

  2. Go Down into the Oddly-Angled Room

Oddly-Angled Room

Okay, let me explain how this maze works.  It's based off the game Baseball.  The only problem is that it always has a different starting position so you'll be on your own for the first part.
  1. Walk East or West until you come to a place where you find a club (Baseball Bat) and take it.

  2. Now run the bases; Go South-East, North-east, North-West, and South-West.

  3. The diamond in the ground should get brighter as you go.

  4. If the diamond is not getting brighter, just RESTORE and try going each direction twice or three times. (I.E.: SE, SE, NE, NE, NW, NW, SW, SW)

  5. When you do it correctly, there will be a noise in the distance.

  6. Now, just find the exit.

  7. Try going North or South, and if not there, try East or West.

  8. Find the Staircase that goes down.

  9. Don't go down the stairs, instead go Up and North until you're back in the Carousel Room.

Carousel Room

  1. Take the Blue and Red Spheres and the Candies.

  2. Drops some stuff if you must, but keep the club.

  3. Go South-West, South-West to the Guarded Room.

Guarded Room

  1. Give the Candies to the Lizard Head.

  2. Unlock the door with the Gold Key.

  3. Open the Door and Go South, then West to reach the Aquarium.


  1. Throw the Club at the Aquarium.

  2. Take the Clear Sphere.

  3. Go East into the Wizard's Workroom.

Wizard's Workroom

  1. Put each Sphere on it's corresponding stand.

  2. Take the Black Sphere.

  3. Go South into the Pentagram Room.

Pentagram Room

  1. Put the Sphere on the circle, to make the Demon appear.

  2. Give ALL the treasures you've collected to the Demon. (This'll take several trips back to the Carousel Room)

  3. Once you've given him them all, tell him to "Give me the Wand"

  4. He will take the Wand from the Wizard and give it to you.

  5. Go North, East, North, North, North-East, South to reach the Menhir Room.

Menhir Room

  1. Wave the Wand at the Menhir and say, "FLOAT" to move it out of the way for a little bit.

  2. Go South-West into the Kennel.


  1. Take the Collar.

  2. Go North-East, South, Down, and Down again to reach the Cerberus Room.

Cerberus Room

That's one Bad, Bad dog in front of you! Don't be stupid and try to collar it.
  1. Put the Collar on Cerberus.

  2. Go East then South to get to the Crypt.


  1. Turn the Lamp off to see the secret door in the South Wall.

  2. Open the door and step South onto the Landing.


This is the End of Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz!

I'll see you later in Zork III: The Dungeon Master!