Well, here we are, at the end of the first trilogy of Zork.  How are you doing?  I hope you haven't needed too much help along the way.  In this game, you get to take on the Dungeon Master himself.  maybe, just maybe, he'll let you share in some of his vast knowledge and wealth.

Ok, for starters, this game doesn't work on the same point system that the other two have been, in fact, there are only seven possible points to get in this game.  Whenever I tell you to do something that will give you a point I will mark it with a number: [1]

Let's get right into the game shall we, I can tell by your vigorous clicking that you're anxious to finish this game.  You start at the base of the Endless Stair. 

Endless Stair

Hmmm...I guess you're just too darn tired from the perils you've faced to climb back up.
  1. Take the lamp and turn it on.

  2. Walk South until you reach the shore of the lake.

Lake (North Shore)

  1. Drop the lamp, you're done with it. (Really!!)

  2. Jump into the lake. [1]


Cold isn't it?  You don't want to stay in here any longer than you have to.  You'll freeze if you stay in the water too long.
  1. Swim West to the shore and then Go South into the Scenic Vista.

Scenic Vista

This is a pretty boring Scenic Vista isn't it?  Just wait, you'll see what the deal about the 'Scenic Part' in a minute.
  1. Take the Torch, and wait for the number on the table to change to "II".

  2. Touch the table. [2]

Room 8 (Zork II)

  1. Take the Grue Repellant and walk East.

Scenic Vista

Some fun eh?  Now you see what the "Scenic" part was all about.
  1. Wait for the number to change to "III".

  2. Touch the table again.

Damp Passage (Through Scenic Vista)

  1. Drop the Torch.

  2. Wait until you are taken back to the Scenic Vista

Scenic Vista

  1. Go North to the Shore, Save your game and jump back into the lake.


Guess what, the water's not any warmer and you've just dropped the Grue Repellant. Good job!
  1. Go down to the Lake bottom

Lake Bottom

There are actually two items down here on the lake bottom.  The other item is an Amulet, but you're going to have to try several times before you'll get it.  Be careful, there's a hungry fish in the water with you, and he might come looking for a snack!
  1. Keep trying to get the Repellant and the Amulet.

  2. Head back up to the surface and Swim South to the shore.

Lake (South Shore)

Oh look, it's DARK in that cave to the South.  It's a good thing that you brought that Grue Repellant with you.
  1. Spray the Repellant on yourself.

  2. Go South, into the Dark place, and continue South again, then go East to reach the Key Room.

Key Room

  1. Take the Strange Key and move the manhole cover.

  2. Go Down into the Aqueduct.


If you tried to go back the way you came, you would have been eaten by the grues attending the convention in the Dark Place.
  1. Go North to reach the Water Slide and North again to reach the Damp Passage you were in earlier.

Damp Passage

  1. Take the Torch.

  2. Go West into the Junction.


Oh look, there's the Sword!  How the..... Never mind, don't worry how it got there, and don't ever THINK about trying to pull it out right now. (You Arthur wannabes out there know who I'm talking to.)
  1. Go South into the Creepy Crawl, and then South-West to reach the Shadow Land.

Shadow Land

This in one of the Variable parts of the game.  If you get lost, just refer to the Maps section of the previous page.
  1. Save you game.

  2. Wander around in the Shadow Land until you meet up with a cloaked and hooded figure. [3]

  3. The Sword will appear in your hands.

  4. Just keep hitting him [4] until he's powerless to defend himself.

  5. Take his Hood and he'll disappear.

  6. Take the Cloak.

  7. To get out, go Eastward, and you'll end up in either the Foggy Room or the Creepy Crawl.

  8. Either way once you get to one of those rooms, go North to reach the Junction.


  1. Go West through the Barren Area, and West again to reach the Cliff.


  1. Take the Bread.

  2. Climb down to the Cliff Ledge. [5]

Cliff Ledge (with guy)

There's no way for you to open the chest, but don't fret, help is on the way.
  1. Wait until someone shows up above.

  2. Trust him and tie the chest to the rope.

  3. wait until he returns to the top.

  4. Climb back up (with his help).


  1. Take the Staff he offers you. (The Treasure is nice, but pointless in the game.)

  2. Go back down to the ledge and down again to reach the Cliff Base.

Cliff Base

  1. Go South to reach to Flathead Ocean.

Flathead Ocean

Yup, this Ocean is Underground.  Can somebody say, 'Dune'?
  1. Wait around until a ship shows up on the horizon.

  2. Say, "Hello, Sailor."

  3. Take the Vial he throws to you.

  4. Now comes the Fun Part.

Have you noticed how much waiting you've been doing?  You should have.  I've had you standing around in almost all the main areas of the game.  Anyway, right now, you have to wait until an Earthquake hits the GUE.  You can wander around and view the scenery if you like (Just don't go onto the Aqueduct, and don't take the Torch into the Lake.)  After it hits, make your way to the Creepy Crawl.

Creepy Crawl

  1. Go East into the Tight Squeeze, and East again into the Crystal Grotto.

Crystal Grotto

  1. Go South until you reach the Great Iron Door.

Great Door

If you came here before the Earthquake you'd see that you couldn't get past the door.  Now that there is a big crack in the wall next to the door, you can get by without a problem.
  1. Go East into the Museum  Entrance.

Museum Entrance

  1. Open the Eastern Door.

  2. Go North into the Museum.


In this room are non-functioning versions of the Diamond Machine from Zork I (The Grey Machine), and the Room Spinner from Zork II (The Black Machine).
  1. The Gold Machine is a Time Machine, and it works just fine.

  2. Set the dial to 776.

  3. Push the Time Machine South into the Museum Entrance, and East into the Jewel Room.

Jewel Room

  1. Get into the Machine.

  2. Push the Button. [6]

Jewel Room (776)

Don't worry about the Time machine.  It's back in the other room.
  1. Wait for the Guards to leave. (Listen to them for interesting factoids)

  2. Take the Ring (Only the Ring you greedy bastards)

  3. Open the door, and walk out into the Entrance.

Museum Entrance (776)

  1. Open the North Door and Go through it.

Museum (776)

See? There's that pesky Time Machine!
  1. Put the Ring under the seat.

  2. Turn the Dial to 948, and get in.

  3. Push the button.


Hmm, I wonder how the Time Machine ended up back in the Museum... Oh well.
  1. Exit the machine.

  2. Look under the seat (You'll automatically take the Ring.)

  3. Go South to the Entrance, and South again to reach the [Evil] Royal Puzzle.

Royal Puzzle

This is BY FAR the hardest puzzle in the series, so you might want to Save your Game now!  Follow these instructions EXACTLY or you will DIE!!
  1. Go Down the Hole, and then Push the South Wall. [7] Go East, South, East, and East

  2. Push the South Wall, Take the Book, and Push the South Wall again.

  3. Push the West Wall Twice, Go East, then South, and Push the East Wall.

  4. Go North until you come to the Marble Wall, and then Push the East Wall.

  5. Go West, South, South, South, South, East, East, North, North, North, and Push the West Wall.

  6. Go East, South, South, South, West, West, West, West, North, North, North, West, North, and Push the East Wall THREE Times.

  7. Go West, West, South, South, East, East, South and Push the East Wall.

  8. Go West, West, West, North, North, North, East, East, and Push the South Wall TWO Times.

  9. Go West, South, South, East, East, North, and Push the West Wall TWO Times.

  10. Go South, West, and Push the North Wall until it won't move anymore.

  11. Go West, and North.

  12. Climb the Ladder.

  13. Go North into the Museum Entrance.

Museum Entrance

  1. Open the Eastern Door and take your stuff from the Jewel Room. (Funny how your stuff ended up in the Jewel Room, but the Time Machine went back to its original room.)

  2. Head West until you reach the Great Door, and then Return to the Junction.


  1. Go East into the Damp Passage, and North-East into the Engravings Room.

Engravings Room

Keep entering and leaving this room until an old man is Sleeping here.  Take a good look at this man and notice what he has.  he has all of the things you carry.  This is really the Dungeon Master in disguise, and he's giving you a hint as to what you'll need to reach him.
  1. Shake the man awake.

  2. Give him the Bread, and he'll eat it.

  3. He'll show you a secret door, and vanish.

  4. Open the Door and Walk through into the Button Room.

Button Room

  1. Go North to the Beam Room, put your Sword into the Beam and return here.

  2. Push the button.

  3. Go North to the Beam Room.

Beam Room

  1. Go North into the Mirror Room, and North once again to enter the Rectangular Room.

Rectangular Room

Don't  let the Long-Winded description of this room bother you, I'm right here with you, and I'm not going to let you do this annoying puzzle without my help.
  1. Raise the Short Pole.

  2. Push the White Panel TWICE.

  3. Push the Pine Panel.

  4. Go North to see the Guardians of Zork.

Guardians of Zork.

I wouldn't try walking between them while they can see you. (have you seen "The Never-Ending Story?")
  1. Drink the vial to become invisible.

  2. Walk North till you reach locked door.

Locked Door

If he won't let you in, try putting the hood, cloak, and amulet on.  I can't remember if you need to don them or not.
  1. Knock on the door and The Dungeon Master will answer and let you in.

  2. Go North, West, North, and North once more to reach the Parapet.


The Dungeon Master is now following you and will follow your commands, so why not have some fun with him?
  1. Set the Dial to 4.

  2. Push the Button.

  3. Go South, open the cell door and step inside.


  1. Tell the Dungeon Master to go to the Parapet.

  2. Tell the Dungeon Master to Turn the dial to 1

  3. Tell the Dungeon Master to Push the Button.

  4. Unlock the Bronze Door with the Key and Walk South to your Destiny!!


You're the Second Dungeon Master of Zork!!


By the way you were awarded Seven Points through the game for the following Actions:

  1. Encountering the Hooded One.

  2. Attacking the Hooded One.

  3. Reaching the Cliff Ledge.

  4. Jumping in the Lake.

  5. Touching the Viewing Table.

  6. Pushing the button on the Time Machine with the dial set to 776.

  7. Pushing a Sandstone Wall.

Fun Things to Try


Say hello to the man at the Cliff


Try throwing things at the man.


Have you been eaten by the Roc or fish in the lake?


Eat the Algae.


Examine the key repeatedly.


Say "Hello Sailor." before or after the Boat is there.


Have you been at the Aqueduct View, on the Aqueduct, by the Giant Door, or been visiting one of the other Zorkians when the Earthquake takes place?


Have you seen the robot that takes care of the Museum?


Try walking into the Grue convention in the Dark Place.


Go to the Museum Entrance of the Jewel Room in 777.


Listen to the Guards or the Dedication through the door.


Look in the mirror or knock on the Door while you're invisible.


Try walking through the swamp or Quicksand.


Try burning stuff to meet the mystery guest.