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Here at The Zork Experience I strive to enlighten my guests with knowledge of the great empire of Zork.

 I run a fairly graphic oriented web domain, so you might want to set your browser to load and get something to eat.  Perhaps someday, I'll have a lower bandwidth site, but for now this is what I have.  It's well worth the wait if you ask me, but of course, I am the Saint of Ruckus.

Welcome also to my friends who have come here from another Zork page or straight off the Internet.  I hope you'll enjoy my site, and maybe find something useful.

If this is your first time to join me here at the Zork Experience, might I suggest you begin your visit at The Zork Legacy.  If you're in the mood for a more in-depth look at a certain game, just select it from the Table of Contents on your left. 

Incidentally, if you're lacking music, a title bar or a Table of Contents, you've reached the old site address.  Please follow THIS link to the current site.

Contact the Saint of Ruckus

I'm always open to suggestions, and or comments on my websites, and of course praise is lovely to receive.

This Domain was recreated on: November 19, 2003 following it's February 15, 2001 retirement.