First off, let me say that it's been awhile since I've actually played through this game, so I'm basing this loosely on the Strategy guide sold by Prima. The points come straight from Prima, I couldn't remember how many points were awarded for what myself.
Just like always, my personally commentary can be found in the GREEN text.  Ignore me or scoff at me, whatever you prefer, but I can be rather good company sometimes!

Return to Zork is a very frustrating game, filled with many little teasers meant to lead you down the right path to saving the Great Underground Empire, Quendor once again.  Even though these teasers are there, I still felt that it was a very difficult game to follow, even for a big Zork fan like me.  So, I felt it my responsibility to create this walkthrough for the game for those of you (me) who sometimes get a little fed up with trying to figure things out when you just want to finish the stupid puzzles so you can get on with your lives. 

Tips to save your...


Alright, where do we start?  Oh yes, Save often as you venture through Zork, and take pictures of everyone and every place that you can. Some of those pictures are important. 


I guess I'll be nice and tell you about the key items throughout this site, but never forget to show all the items and pictures to everyone you meet.


Oh yeah, By the way, don't throw anything away.  You're going to need it all at the end of the game. 


This is a bare-bones walkthrough, no frills, I'll tell you what to do to finish the game, not sight-see.


as we go, I'll be putting numbers in brackets like this: [5]  these are the points you receive by doing the aforementioned task.


Don't be put off if you've been playing the game in a bit different order than I've got here, there are many ways to play through this game, and this is only my way. I'll be marking the way as plainly as possible to ensure quick navigation through the dilapidated city-state known as Quendor.  Let's begin, shall we?

The Approach to Shanbar 

You start out being magically dropped off in the middle of a mountain pass (lucky you).  Let's figure out what do do before that Vulture gets any ideas.

Mountain Pass

You begin this adventure with some items: a map, some photos, a camera, a tape recorder, some matches, a knife, & a Tele-Orb.

  1. Pick up the rock at heave it at the vulture[2]

  2. Zoom in on the sign and dig up the bonding plant with your knife[1] (That's dig up, not cut, as a living plant is needed later on.) 

Behind the Lighthouse

  1. Use the knife to cut the vine.

  2. Tie the vines to the planks to make a raft. [2]

  3. Ride the raft downstream.


  1. When the bridge appears, exit the to the left [2]. (This happens automatically in the CD-ROM version)


  1. Use the knife or another solid object to ring the bell, and Ms. Peepers will let you in. [2]

  2. Answer her quiz questions with the information you can find in your copy of the Encyclopedia Frobozzica that came with your game to get you very own journal. [2] (You did BUY your game right?)

Hardware Store

  1. Pick up the crank and the box.

  2. Pick up the mice and put them in the box. (You don't really need the mice, but they're cool!)

Under the Bridge

  1. Chat with the waif, but do NOT threaten him or show him any negative objects, you can't afford to have him running away now.

Old Mill

  1. Drink up with Boos Miller. (Not really)

  2. Every time he fills your glass, dump it into the plant  and offer a toast.

  3. After Boos recites the correct line from the Shanbar drinking ritual, drink from the empty glass.

  4. After the third toast, ask for his keys. [2]

  5. One more toast [4] (one point for each toast)

  6. After he passes out, take his silver flask and go out the door on the left.

  7. Take the key, and flip the chock. [2]

Gift Shop

  1. Take the battery and place in into the Tele-Orb, open the cash register, and take the tickets and the coins.

Under the Bridge

  1. Give the tickets to the waif and accept his gift. [2]

Old Mill

  1. Use the keys on the trap door, and go down to the New Mill. [2]

New Mill

  1. From the door, exit to the left to get to East Shanbar.  the Path on the right leads to the Hero's Memorial.

Moodock's Armory

  1. Beat Moodock at a game of Survivor, and he'll give you a coin and a rusty sword. [2]

Blacksmith Shop

  1. Give the blacksmith your rusty sword, and he'll accept the job. [2]

  2. Walk around for a little bit.

  3. Head back to the blacksmith and pay him for fixing your sword. (NOTE!  The sword he gives you isn't the sword you originally gave him.  If you show him the false sword and threaten him, he'll give you the Dwarven Sword of antiquity. [5])(You can also just come back later when the sword breaks and he'll fix you up with the right one then as well)

Boat Dock

  1. Click on the knot Ben is Tying, and he'll teach you the cow hitch. [2]

  2. Either show him a picture of a girl or play him a sound file of a female voice, and he'll give you a letter written to his old girlfriend, Witch Itah. [2]

Fools Memorial

  1. Take the book. (Note where you found it, it's a clue to the nature of the book)

Snoot's Farm

  1. Climb into the trailer through the window.

  2. When you enter the bathroom, she'll give you another quiz. (Answer with the info from the Encyclopedia Frobozzica)

  3. Take the mirror from her bathroom. [1]

  4. Go to the kitchen, and open the fridge.

  5. Take the meat from the fridge [1] and the thermozz from the table.[1]

  6. Take the soap [1] and drop it into the sink and turn on the water. [1]

  7. Wash the waif's gift in the water. [2]

  8. Go the the silo to the right of her farm, turn the bolt clockwise with the crack[1].

  9. Take some carrots.

Pugney's Ranch

  1. Tap on the window and talk to Pugney.

  2. Be apologetic, and he will give you permission to take the bra box in the yard.

  3. Ask him about the book, and he'll translate the title for you. 

  4. Take the bra box [1], and head for the barn.

  5. Your meat is probably rotting by now [1] (No offense.)

  6. In the barn, pick up the hay, they drop it or throw it.

  7. Light a match and set fire to the hay. [2]

  8. Warm your hands over the hay. [2]

  9. Pick up the thermozz and use it to catch the milk as you milk the cow [5].

  10. Feed the carrots to the cow. [2] (since you just burned up her hay.)


  1. Pick up the tiles and place them in the frame. (You have to turn around to find the Frame)

  2. Solve the puzzle to read "Water unseen at falls mix with bat droppings yields potion for invisibility" [15]

  3. "the bottom text reads: "...Search for three more pieces on the ground where this was found."

  4. Now, look at the ground, you'll see another disc piece and a pair of illuminyte rocks.  Take all.

Forest of the Spirits

  1. Following the map above, go to the tree with metal leaves (MT).

  2. Strike the tree with your sword, and pick up the Zorkmids from the ground. [1] (This tree is reset every time you leave the forest, so you can actually have unlimited funds this way)

  3. Go to (BM) and give your milk to the Bowman to cure his blindness. [2] He'll give you his bow and some arrows.

  4. Go to (F) and strike a match.

  5. When the fairy appears, give a friendly reaction, and she'll give you a bag of fairy dust. [2]

  6. Go to LT and throw something at the leaves to spring the trap.  NOT THE SWORD![1]

  7. Cut the trap with the sword and retrieve whatever you threw.[1]

  8. Go to (B) and strike the memorial with your sword three times. [3]

  9. Take the Third disc piece from the crack and walk back out of the forest the same way you came in.

Blacksmith Shop

  1. Show him the book, and he'll translate a joke for a small fee.

Inn of Isenough

Is it enough?
  1. Pay for a room. [2]

  2. fill the flask with water from the sink.

  3. Place your illuminyte on the night stand. [2] and turn off the lights.

  4. Dream about Morphius. [2] (He's so dreamy...)

  5. Turn on the light, then retrieve your illuminyte.


  1. Flip lever 1.

  2. Throw the bra box over the top (near the top of the screen)

  3. Click lever 1 again.

  4. Click lever 2 [2]

  5. Pour water on the wire. [2]

  6. Take the wire.

General Store

  1. Shake the cereal box twice. [2]

  2. Take the whistle.

  3. Remove the mice from the box, and DROP them. (Do not keep the mice.)

  4. Put the rats in the box. (Do NOT put the rats in the box with the mice, the mice will kill them)

Boat Dock

  1. Pay Ben for the boat. [2]

  2. Put a rat into the motor. [2]

Witch's Hut

  1. If you have the meat, leave it outside.

  2. Show her the Book, Tele-Orb, and Thermozz.

  3. When you hand her Ben's letter, she'll give you her walking stick.

Creeping Bogs

  1. Test each patch of bog with the stick.

  2. When you exit, you'll be in the Whispering Woods.

Forest of the Spirits

  1. get some more Zorkmids from the tree.

Boat Dock

  1. Give Ben a few Zorkmids, and he'll let you take the boat again.

Witch's Hut

  1. Leave the meat outside.

  2. Ask her about Whispering woods.

  3. She'll give you her bats. [2]

  4. Head back through the bogs again. Don't forget your meat. (That's something memorable to say!)

Vulture Pits

  1. Sprinkle fairy dust on the rotting meat. [2] and throw it.

  2. The Vultures will eat it and fall asleep. [2]

  3. Enter the pit and take the Vulture Talon.

Inn of Isenough

  1. Return to the inn and have another nap (don't forget to put the Illuminyte on the night stand, and pick it up when you leave).

  2. Morphius is there in your dreams again. [2]

Rebecca and the Mayor

  1. Go find Rebecca on the road and show her the book.

  2. Go back to the Mayor's house and show him the book.

  3. Return to the School house and show Ms. Peepers the book.

Whispering Woods

  1. When you step into the wood, release the bats [2].

  2. As they fly, they leave a trail of glowing guano behind them.

  3. Follow the trail. (Don't forget to take some of that lovely guano for use with the invisibility potion.  Remember the tile puzzle?)

  4. When you see the line about the 'Milky Way" it's time for a sip of milk.

  5. If you keep drinking milk, the blindness will be permanently cured.[5] (NOTE, you must have a full thermos to do this.)

Ferryman's Dock

  1. Ring the bell three times. [1]

  2. Show -do not Give- the coin to the ferryman. [2]

Ferryman's Isle

  1. Walk up the path on the left to reach Canuk's Shack

Canuk's Shack

  1. Enter and examine the blueprints.

  2. Read the scroll to the duck to change Canuk back to himself. [2]

  3. Do NOT threaten or attack Canuk.

  4. Show Canuk the book.  (His joke only counts in the CD version)

  5. Ask about the bottle.

  6. Enter the ship's cabin, and pick up the rag.

  7. Open the safe [2] the combo is printed on the ship's sail (9427).

  8. Take the disc piece from the safe.

  9. Polish the old piece of metal with the rag.

  10. Be sure to be holding either the shiny metal or the mirror when emerging from the bottle to reflect the duck spell back at Canuk. [5]

  11. Leave the shack

  12. Pry open the knocker on the door, and take the magnet.

Ferryman's Dock

  1. Ring the bell twice. [1]

Whispering Woods

  1. You can either follow the guano or your map to get back though.

  2. You can also use the whistle and magnet together to call a vulture that will take you anywhere you want, but the items will disappear from your inventory afterward. (Although, you can still ride the vulture by clicking on a position on the map.)

Inn of Isenough

  1. Go have a third dream, the same way as before.

Cliffs of Depression

  1. Before going here, check where you've recorded the jokes from the book.  Write down the track numbers as you'll have a limited amount of time.

  2. Take the rope from the guard rail, and tie it to the tree limb [2].

  3. Climb down to reach the comedy club.

  4. Use the tape recorder on the mike. [2 each joke]

  5. For winning the contest, Cliff gives you the fifth piece of the disc.


  1. You can either use the Whistle/Magnet trick to get here or if you've done it already, you can just click on the Lighthouse from the map.

  2. Show the keeper your Illuminyte

  3. He'll let you in and take a chunk of it. [2]

  4. Ask him about the disc pieces, and he'll hand you the final piece. [2]

  5. Go upstairs, and using the cow hitch, tie the rope to the rail. [2]

  6. Tie the talon to the rope. [2]

  7. Throw the rope to form the bridge. [2]

  8. Climb down to Bel Naire Temple

Bel Naire Temple

  1. Take the Shield from the Statue

  2. Hand the holy woman your sword and she will bless it.


  1. Take the rope and talon.

  2. Use the vulture to return to the temple and walk down to the Dwarven mines.

Dwarven Mines

  1. Put on the helmet you are given.

  2. Hop into the mining cart and take a ride.

  3. the solution route is: left, right, straight, right, left, right, straight, right, left, left, right, straight.

  4. You'll end in the Ancient Ruins. [10]

Ancient Ruins

  1. From left to right give the statues these items: witch's stick; talon; thermozz; box and helmet; shield; Tele-Orb. (Note that the Fourth statue gets two items, and the center one gets none.)

  2. The Flying Disc of Frobozz will be forged when you press either button. [20]

  3. Don't forget to take all the items before you leave.

Troll Caverns

  1. Put your helmet back on.

  2. Get your sword out.

  3. Those scratchings by the skeleton are a warning sign and instructions on what to do in the near future. (LUD)

  4. Strike the First Troll Guard on the left. [1]

  5. To kill the Second Guard, swing Up. [1]

  6. When you meet the leader, just keep threatening him repeatedly. (Don't even let him finish taking.)

  7. Eventually, he'll give you the Necklace of Fear. [2]

Forest of the Spirits

  1. Show the necklace of fear to the spider, and it will run away. [2]

  2. Cut the web with your sword. [1]

Flood Control Dam #3

  1. Go behind the falls and fill the flask with (the backside of) water. (giggle)

  2. Drop the bat guano into the water to create the potion of invisibility.[2]

Blocked Path

  1. Throw the Flying disc of Frobozz at the blocked path to reveal the Citadel of Zork. [15]

Citadel of Zork

  1. To open the gate, shoot an arrow at the hand atop the Citadel.

  2. To get past the Orc Guard, drink the potion of invisibility, and play the tape of Alexis, the Hellhound.[5]

  3. One-by-one throw your items at the bridge, until all you have left is: the map, photo album, notebook, camera, and tape recorder. (I'm pretty sure that you have to throw these items: Matches, knife, bonding plant, box, key, set of keys, silver flask (with potion), coins, coin, book, thermozz, mirror, puzzle, Illuminyte rock, fairy dust, bow, arrows, wire, witch's stick, shiny metal, shield, helmet, rope, talon, necklace, and finally, you have to toss in your sword and the Tele-Orb.)

  4. The bridge should be safe to cross now.

  5. On the other side of the bridge, Morphius challenges you to a game of survivor. [5]

  6. Basically, whenever Morphius blocks a move you want to make, pass. (Just click near the bottom of the screen) forcing him to move.

  7. Plan ahead for your last four or five moves, just make sure you always have somewhere to go, and you won't have any problems.


Fun Facts


After completing the game, reload a saved game where you still have the fairy dust and the invisibility potion.  You can go around the GUE making people do HILARIOUS stuff with these two wonderful items.