The Dungeon Master

In this, the third part of the original Zork Trilogy, you take on the current Dungeon Master.  The title Dungeon Master is the name given to the magician who rules over the remains of the Great Underground Empire.

The namesake of this game was named to his position by the wizard Megaboz who placed a Curse on Dimwit Flathead and his eleven siblings.  On the 14th of Mumberbur, in 883 GUE ,a peasant was given the title Dungeon Master and rewarded with magical abilities as well as half the wealth of the kingdom by Megaboz.  The Wizard chose him as the first Dungeon Master because he was the one who came the closest to undoing the curse placed on the Flatheads.  He was placed in his position to ensure that a future Quendorian monarchy be a benevolent one. 

This Dungeon Master has been in his position for Sixty-Five years, and is probably ready for a break by now.

Through dungeons, thieves, and wizards you've traveled, and all have been faced in your mind's eye through this glorious text-based interface.

Tips from the Saint:


Always be on the lookout for anything that might be a trick or incarnation of the Dungeon Master.


Try to take every item you can, although there is one place where you'll have to make a decision on which one of two items to take.


Save a lot, there are plenty of places in this game that you can get trapped or die without knowing what hit you.


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Here are my versions of the Zork III maps that came included with The Zork Anthology...