Here at The Zork Experience I strive to enlighten my guests with knowledge of the great underground empire of Zork and the great legacy of this, one of the original video games ever created.

I am the Saint of Ruckus. You can find me on Twitter @saintruckus

Welcome to my friends who have come here from another Zork page or straight off the Internet.  I hope you'll enjoy my site, and maybe find something useful or learn something of the history of gaming.

The most in depth part of my website and also the part that I have the most pride in is The Legacy of Zork.  Please join me there to see how my life has been directed by the existence of this gaming series and how it’s development assisted in the creation of some very sophisticated (for their time) developments on computing as a whole.

If you're interested in learning more about me and the amazing adventure that has been my life, I've created a little breakdown of the many wild and unique experiences I've had. HERE..

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This Domain has been updated in July of 2018, right around my 40th birthday. This is following it's recreation on: November 19, 2003. This page migrated to in 2001, but has been in existence in one way or another since 1988, where it was originally created as a list of "Yo Mama" Jokes. (I was 10, gimme a break!) You are basically looking at one of the oldest concurrently running website on the entire Internet.