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As can be expected, this Walkthrough is a spoiler for the game.  Please only use this as a last resort if you get stuck, and try not to read ahead of where you are in the game.

I can tell you from experience that I enjoyed this game much more by playing through it without any help than if I had just looked up the answers.

Throughout this walkthrough, I'll be putting things in Quotes, (" ") this means to type in exactly what you read there.  Some solutions are simple to come up with, but only accepted in one grammatical form.

If you get lost, please refer to the Maps on the previous page.

Take into account...


This is not the only way to play this game.  I have taken the 'direct' approach to completing the game, and with that in mind, you won't be going to every room on the map.


One problem with this game is the Thief (I.E. Footpad) He is a non-constant variable in the game.  He does what he wants and shows up randomly.  The best approach is to leave any room that he shows up in IMMEDIATELY.  Always remember that whatever he takes from you, you will be getting back later in the game.

Let's begin shall we.

Upper World

  1. You begin this game on the west side of the historical White House of Quendor.

  2. Go South, then East.

  3. Open the window and enter the house.


  1. Go west into the Living room

Living Room

The Living room is the only place that you can safely leave anything you find.  If you drop any item anywhere else in the game, there is a chance that the thief will take it and move it somewhere else.  Keep in mind that this is only items that you have seen.
  1. Take the Lamp, move the rug and open the trapdoor.

  2. Go down.


Someone shuts and locks the trapdoor behind you, you won't ever find out who is doing this, so don't worry about it.  Personally, I think Either Marc Blank or Dave Liebling are hiding in the Living Room somewhere (behind a firewall maybe...) and are doing this just to screw with the players.
  1. Turn on the Lamp, Go South, then East to the Gallery


  1. Take the Painting and go North to the Studio.


 You can only fit up the chimney with the lamp and one other item. (I.E. two items)
  1. Go Up the Chimney.


  1. Go Upstairs to the Attic.


  1. Take the knife and the rope.

  2. Go back down through the kitchen and into the Living Room.

Living Room

All of the treasures you find must be placed in the case here in the living room to count towards your total.
  1. Open the Case and put the painting inside.

  2. Drop the knife and take the sword.

  3. Open the trapdoor and descend once again.


Once again, someone closes the trapdoor and locks it.  This will continue to happen until you discover another way out of the Underground. (The chimney doesn't count)
  1. Save your game, as we're going to one of the random battle sequences in the game.

  2. Walk North into the Troll Room

Troll Room

Note that your sword glows blue in the presence of danger.
  1. The only way past the troll is to kill him.

  2. "Kill Troll with Sword"

  3. Continue to "Kill Troll with Sword" until he dies. 

  4. Drop your sword.  (You won't need it anymore)

  5. Walk East, East, then South-East to get to the Dome Room.

Dome Room

  1. Tie the rope to the railing

  2. Climb down the rope to the Torch Room

Torch Room

  1. Go South, then East to the Egyptian Room

Egyptian Room

  1. Take the Coffin (Sarcophagus)

  2. Go West and then South to the Altar.


 There's no way you're going to get down that hole with the coffin, and even the program will tell
you that you haven't got a prayer. That's a hint, folks.
  1. "Pray" at the altar, and you'll be above ground, in the forest.


  1. Turn your lamp off.

  2. Walk South then North (I know , I know, Call the writers and complain.  It all makes sense on the maps, I swear!) to the Forest Clearing, and then East to reach the Canyon View.

Canyon View

  1. Climb all the way down to the bottom.

Canyon (Bottom)

  1. Drop the coffin and open it.

  2. Take the Scepter and wave it in the air to solidify the rainbow.

  3. "Look" and you'll see a Pot of Gold on the ground.

  4. Take the Pot of Gold and The Coffin.

  5. Walk South-West and Climb all the way back up to the Canyon View.

Canyon View

  1. Go Northwest to the Clearing, and then West to the Window where you'll reenter the house.


  1. Open the bag and take the Garlic.

  2. Go into the Living Room.

Living Room

  1. Put your treasures into the case.

  2. Save the game, and get some food (Not the food in the game) we've got a lot of traveling to do.

  3. Open the Trapdoor, turn the lamp on and go back down.


You should notice that the door doesn't close this time.  The Altar Prayer counts as another way out of the Underground.
  1. Go North, East, North, North-East, and then East to reach the Dam, then Go North into the Dam Lobby.

Dam Lobby

  1. Take the Matches, then walk either North or East into the Maintenance Room. (it doesn't matter)

Maintenance Room

  1. Take the Wrench and the Screwdriver.

  2. Push the Yellow Button and return the the Dam.

Flood Control Dam #3

Notice that the Green Bubble is now lit.
  1. Turn the bolt with the wrench, opening the Dam, then drop the Wrench.

  2. Go South, then down into the Loud Room, and then West into the Round Room, then South-East and East to reach the Dome Room. 

Dome Room

  1. Climb back down the Rope.

  2. Take the Torch and turn your Lamp off.

  3. Go South, and take the Bell, then go south to the Altar.


  1. Take the Book and the Candles.

  2. Go Down to the Cave, and down again to the Entrance to Hades.

Entrance to Hades

Your Candles will have blown out by now, but don't worry about them.
  1. Ring the Bell. (It gets red hot and you drop it and the Candles automatically)

  2. "Take Candles then light match then light candles with match" (Important that you type this exactly)

  3. Read the Book.

  4. Drop the Book, and go South into Hades.


  1. Take the Crystal Skull.

  2. Go North, Up to the Cave, and North to the Mirror Room.

Mirror Room (South)

  1. Put out the Candles.

  2. Rub the Mirror and you'll be transported to another Mirror Room.

Mirror Room (North)

  1. Go North, West, North, then West into the Squeaky Room.

Squeaky Room

You've still got that Garlic Right?
  1. Go North into the Bat Room, and East to the Shaft Room.

Shaft Room

  1. Put your Torch into the basket, and turn on your Lamp.

  2. Walk North to the Smelly Room, and Down to the Gas Room.

Gas Room

If you brought the Torch with you, you'd see why I had you put it in the basket.
  1. Go East into the Coal Mine

Coal Mine

Follow my directions exactly, or else you'll be lost forever in this twisted place.
  1. Go North-East, South-East, South-West, and then Down to reach the Ladder Top

Ladder Top

  1. Go Down, then South to the Dead End.

Dead End

  1. Take the Coal, and Return to the Ladder Top.

Ladder Top

  1. Go Up, North, East, South, then North to get back to the Gas Room.

Gas Room

  1. Go Up then  South again to get back to the Shaft Room.

Shaft Room

  1. Put the Coal into the basket with the Torch, then send the basket to the bottom.

  2. Head back through the Coal Mine to reach the Ladder Bottom.

Ladder Bottom

  1. Go West to the Timber Room.

Timber Room

Ignore the Broken Timber, it's only use is to use as a reference point when you return here in Zork III.
  1. Drop everything except the Screwdriver. (Even the Lamp)

  2. Squeeze through the crack to the West into the Drafty Room.

Drafty Room

This is the bottom of the Shaft in the Shaft Room.
  1. Take the Coal and Torch from the Basket.

  2. Go South into the Machine Room.

Machine Room

You should remember this machine, as you'll be seeing another one in Zork III.
  1. Open the Lid, put the coal in the machine, close the lid, and turn the switch with the screwdriver.

  2. Drop the Screwdriver.

  3. Open the Lid and take the Diamond.

  4. Go North and put the torch and Diamond back in the basket, the continue to the East back to the Timber Room.

Timber Room

You don't need to take the Candles or Matches, they were only insurance incase the Thief stole the Torch before you could get the Diamond.
  1. Take the Skull, Lamp and Garlic.

  2. Go East to the ladder Bottom, and return back through the Coal Mine to the Gas Room.

Gas Room

  1. Take the Bracelet

  2. Go Up then South to reach the Shaft Room.

Shaft Room

  1. Take the Torch and Diamond, then turn your Lamp off.

  2. Go West into the Bat Room.

Bat Room

  1. Take the Jade Figurine.

  2. Go South, East, then South to reach the Slide Room.

Slide Room

This is the fun way back to the Cellar.
  1. Slide Down the Slide, back to the Cellar and return Up to the Living Room.

Living Room

I bet you didn't think you'd be running around this much when you decided to uncover the mysteries of Zork.
  1. Put all your treasures into the Case. (even the Torch)

  2. Turn your Lamp on and descend into the Cellar.


  1. Go North, East, North, then North-East to reach the Reservoir South.

Reservoir South

Now that the Sluice Gates on the Dam are open you are free to go North.
  1. Head North and take the Trunk of Jewels, then Go North again to the Reservoir North.

Reservoir North

  1. Take the Air Pump, and then Go North, take the Crystal Trident, and return back to Reservoir South.

Reservoir South

  1. Go East to the Dam, and East again to the Dam Base.

Dam Base

There's a pile of plastic on the ground here, it's a Frobozz Magic Inflatable boat.  One thing to think about is: If your carrying anything sharp, you need to place it in the boat before you board it or it will puncture the boat.
  1. Inflate the pile of plastic with the Air Pump.

  2. Board the Boat. (Read the instruction label if you like)

  3. Say, "Launch"

In the Boat

  1. Keep "Wait"ing until you see the buoy in the water.

  2. Take the Buoy.

  3. Go East to the Sandy Beach.

Sandy Beach

  1. Get out of the Boat and Take the Shovel.

  2. Walk North-East to the Sandy Cave.

Sandy Cave

Save your game now, as there is a chance you could get buried alive.
  1. Dig until you see a Scarab in the sand.

  2. Take the Scarab and drop the shovel.

  3. Go South-West to the Sandy Beach.

Sandy Beach

  1. Drop the Buoy and open it.

  2. Take the Emerald from the Buoy.

  3. Walk South to the Aragain Falls.

Aragain Falls

You're now on the other end of the Rainbow you created earlier.  Also you might want to stop and take a good look at the name of these Falls.
  1. Cross the Rainbow

End of the Rainbow

Have you noticed that as you crossed the Rainbow, you came from underground to above ground.  This is an interesting feat, as a rainbow needs sunlight to form.
  1. Turn the lamp off.

  2. Go South-West back to the Canyon Bottom, and then make your way back to the Living Room.

Living Room

  1. Place your treasures in the case.

  2. Walk East, East, North, then North again to reach the bottom of a Large tree.

Large Tree

  1. Climb up the tree and take the Jewel-Encrusted Egg from the nest.

  2. Climb Back down, and go South, East, then return to the Living Room.

Living Room

Don't put the Egg in the case, you'll need it soon.
  1. Turn your Lamp on and descend to the Cellar.


  1. Go North to the Troll Room, and West into the BIG Maze of this game.


Just like the others, follow my directions exactly, or you might not ever find your way out.  A big thank you to Sandra Montgomery for pointing out my mistake.  I hope my typo didn't get too many people killed.
  1. Go South, East, and Up to reach the remains of another hapless Adventurer.

Adventurer's Remains

Do NOT touch the skeleton!
  1. Take the Bag of Coins, and the Key.

  2. Go South-West, East, South, and then South-East you will be in the Cyclops Room.

Cyclops Room

There are several ways to deal with the Cyclops.  The other way is to bring the sack of food and the bottle of water from the Kitchen and feed him. It will put him to sleep.  That way, you won't get the new passage to the Living Room though.
  1. Type, "Ulysses" (or Odysseus)

  2. At the sound of his former master's name, the Cyclops will run away and break through the door in the Living room. (I guess that WASN'T the front door after all.)

  3. Go Up into the Treasure Room.

Treasure Room

This is the secret lair of the Thief.
  1. Give the Egg to the Thief. (Just trust me.)

  2. Kick yourself for trusting me. (Just kidding!)

  3. Return to the Living Room through the Cyclops-shaped Tunnel.

Living Room

  1. Place the Coins in the case and take the Knife.

  2. Head back West into the Cyclops Room.

Cyclops Room

  1. Save the game, you're about to take on the Thief.

  2. Go Up to the Treasure Room.

Treasure Room

  1. Use the Knife to Kill the Thief.

  2. Take the Egg, the Silver Chalice, and anything he may have stolen from you before.

  3. Go Down, North-West, South, West, Up, Down, and North-East to reach the Grating Room.

Grating Room

This Grating is going to take you up into a Clearing in the Forest.  It also counts as one of the alternate exits that stops the Cellar trapdoor from being locked on you.
  1. Unlock and open the Grate. (Watch for falling leaves)

  2. Go Up into the Forest Clearing.

Forest Clearing

  1. Go South to the Big Tree.

Big Tree

  1. Climb the Tree and wind up the canary that's inside the Egg.

  2. Climb down the tree.

  3. Take the Bauble the songbird drops.

  4. Return to the Living Room.

Living Room

It's important to remove the canary from the Jewel-Encrusted Egg, as it won't count as a separate treasure unless you do this.
  1. Place all of your treasures into the case.

  2. Descend into the Cellar once more.


  1. Go North, and East until you reach the Loud Room.

Loud Room

  1. Type in, "ECHO"

  2. Take the Bar, and return to the Living Room.

Living Room

  1. Place the Platinum Bar into the Case.

  2. Follow the instructions you receive and you'll receive a map.

  3. Now, return to the starting point of the game, West of the house, near the Mailbox.

West of House

There is now a Stone Barrow open near here.
  1. Enter the Stone Barrow and Prepare yourself for Zork II.

You didn't really think it would end there, did you? Not when there's still Zork II and Zork III waiting for you up ahead! Ah, but it's too late; you can't turn back now! You'll just have to grit your teeth and follow through to the end (with a little help, of course...) 

See you in Zork II!

This Walkthrough was composed by Saint Ruckus. 2000